WP6 - Sustainability of the SEE MARINER

The WP aims to ensure the sustainability of the SEE MARINER mechanism and system implemented during the project and to further developing a regional policy methodology for the efficient application of transnational strategies to improve coordination, response & exchange of real time data among relevant groups to improve prevention of environmental and technological risks in the SEE area.Drawing up the elements necessary for sustainability and to develop the means and instruments to follow up, monitor and evaluate the impact of the pilot actions is of utmost importance and thus WP 6 will result in a comprehensive guideline and methodology to facilitate decision taking in favor of environmental sustainability and for further development of the SEE MARINER system.One of the key factors in ensuring the sustainability of the SEE MARINER system is institutional arrangements.

Thus, this component will also focus on the establishment of the most appropriate institutional mechanisms to deal with the operation, administration and management of the SEE MARINER system with inputs from relevant stakeholders at the national, regional and international levels after the end of the project life.