WP5 - Capacity building and Implementation of the SEE MARINER

In this WP the focus of actions will be the establishment of the SEE MARINER system that will provide value added information, services and statistics on the nature and extent of the transportation of dangerous goods and the amount of dangerous cargo being transported into the SEE area. The support structures (support centres, data centre, network) will be established according to the guidelines established in WP4 in partner areas.

The foundation of the system will be based on the integration of state of the art technologies, applications and management approach such as: real time vessel traffic monitoring and information system Automatic Identification System, Aids to Navigation Management, weather components, integration of databases, oil spill tracking software etc. into the system for monitoring the transportation of dangerous goods. Activities will ensure that technologies are adapted with appropriate calibration, quality control and reliability and that the SEE MARINER system functions as a coherent, reliable and efficient system.

The outcome of this WP is a system capable to provide capacity building for different stakeholders in managing environmental risks in the SEE area.