WP4 - Development the SEE MARINER support mechanism

The main goal of WP 4 is the development of the SEE MARINER support mechanism that will be the basis for the establishment of the SEE MARINER system.Activities aim to establish the guidelines for the creation and operation of the support structures that will be the cornerstone of the SEE MARINER system. This will result in the establishment of common standards among the transnational partners upon which they will proceed to the implementation of the necessary effective structures that will be developed based on the specifications provided in this WP. Software and training packages will be developed in order to interconnect the structures and to ensure that the SEE MARINER system will be an effective and efficient mechanism staffed with capable and competent people capable of handling its operation and maintenance.

The main output from this component will be laid down in the formulation of a common agreement on the objectives for the implementation of the SEE MARINER.that will serve as guidance for the implementation of measures for the establishment and operation of the SEE MARINER system. A common transnational workshop will help to coordinate the pilot actions on a transnational level and to make a SWOT analysis. The identification of SWOTs is essential because subsequent steps in the process for the achievement of the objectives may be derived from the SWOTs.