WP3 - State-of-the-art & best practices analysis

The Work Package is of enormous importance for ensuring the quality and impact of the project implementation.The aim is to analyze the status of the situation of the information systems concerning the monitoring of the transport, the handling and the storage of dangerous goods (DG) by vessels at sea and on inland waterways and in the ports areas, in partners areas. Partners will research and describe the existing information on technology applications, the infrastructure and the human resources utilized in their regions and countries. Activities will give the opportunity to explore best practices from European regions, to search for specific good examples of integrated systems and successful tools for the monitoring of dangerous goods solutions and to be informed about the state of the art in systems capable of providing value added information and services to Improve prevention of environmental risks.

The main output from this component will be laid down in effective measures that will be needed along with the required transnational collaboration among the partners and the relevant institutions in order to successfully implement the SEE MARINER system.The results of this WP will be utilized in the development the SEE MARINER support mechanism (WP4 activities) and will serve as guidance for the implementation of measures for the establishment and operation of the SEE MARINER system.