WP2 – Communication activities

The penetration of the SEE MARINER results and outputs to the widest possible audience is of major importance for achieving the goals set. Communication and dissemination are essential for the success and the awareness level of the project as well as its applications. Thus a detailed Communication Plan outlining the main objectives will be elaborated at an early stage, ensuring that the project´ s visibility is a continuous activity throughout its entire duration. The Communication Strategy will secure coordinated, rational and effective exploitation of all activities and all possible channels and means. For a clear presentation and a high degree of recognisability the WP will develop a corporate design for the SEE MARINER that will be used in all internal and external communication.

The means for performing the communication and dissemination activities are through the use of electronic media (website) as well as digital and hard copies of materials, e.g brochures, folders and teaser postcards. To guarantee a smooth information flow and exchange between partners the website will also provide an internal area where it will be possible to share project and application materials as well as dissemination materials. Furthermore the SEE Mariner outputs will be disseminated at 2 international conferences and a number of local stakeholder workshops.

The partners will also utilize their relevant local/national and international networks to create strategic dissemination alliances and will actively submit contributions and papers for national and international conferences, as well as publish articles in various magazines and journals. A final brochure will be carried out in order to spread the significant SEE MARINER results, findings and conclusions to a wide, but targeted audience.