Project Information

Project Title: SEE MARINER - South Eastern Europe Marine and River Integrated System for Monitoring the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Project Code: SEE/B/0005/2.2/X
Priority Axis: Protection and improvement of the environment
Area of Intervention: Improve prevention of environmental risks
Total budget: 1.897.900 € (85% ERDF, IPA contribution rate)
Project duration: 01/02/2011 - 31/12/2013 (35 months)

The SEE area is a sea and river transit space of vessels carrying hazardous freight which constitutes many potential environmental risks for coasts and inland waterways. Economic development and a strong growth of transport and increased traffic in the SEE area aggravate the already increased threats of pollution and thus there is a great need for efficient management and for high performance observation, communication and monitoring response systems.

SEE MARINER’s goal is to develop and implement a transnational, innovative, transferable and replicable system and to lay the foundations for the SEE MARINER Network offering tools and services to improve the interoperability of monitoring activities and increase the effectiveness of operations for the joint prevention of environmental risks.

Main objectives

  • Establish a transnational tool for real- time monitoring of DG transportation
  • Measure, demonstrate & evaluate the SEE MARINER benefits to maritime/ river safety stakeholders
  • Provide capacity building to stakeholders in managing environmental risks and spread knowhow to the EU candidate countries
  • Enhance awareness of existing River Information Services
  • Interact with SSN and CSN networks and other EU instruments for the common purpose of improving risk prevention through the improvement of cooperation
  • Contribute to closing the gaps in existing systems by offering additional services to coastal and river ports, the logistics sector, municipalities or research