Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities – Bulgaria

Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities4, Preslav Str.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Site: www.ubbsla.org
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Tel./Fax: +359 52 600 266

Description of Organisation:
UBBSLA – The Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities is established in 1992 as a regional network of three administrative regions and 21 local authorities. The UBBSLA is a strong organization representing the interests of the Black Sea municipalities before the national government.

Since its establishment the UBBSLA works closely with all municipalities in order to promote the sustainable regional development involving the local business communities and local population.

The expert and administrative staff of the UBBSLA has considerable experience in preparation and realization of projects funded by the EU financial instruments as well as from other international programs and structural funds.

UBBSLA has direct influence on the local and regional policy via providing expertise in the local and regional planning process, elaboration and implementation of projects of regional importance, environment protection, tourism and sustainable development, territorial and urban planning, energy efficiency and RES promotion, etc.

The main aim of the Union is focused on supporting the local and regional sustainable development with implementation of projects in the field of environment protection, sustainable energy and economy with special focus on strategic planning and innovation.

UBBSLA team contributes to successful implementation of national and European strategies, realization of sustainable projects, supported by European programs. UBBSLA employs 12 own and over 100 external experts with high education and many years’ experience in project management and business development. UBBSLA has experience in EU funded project implementation being lead partner in over 100 projects and partner in many projects during the period of 1992-2012. UBBSLA organized numerous seminars, workshops, press conferences and other type of public events in the Black Sea region of Bulgaria.

Mariyana Kancheva Ivanova
Tel./Fax: +359 52 600 266
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.