Luka Koper, port and logistics system, plc. – Slovenia

Luka Koper, port and logistics system, plc.Vojkovo Nabrežje 38
6501 Koper, Slovenia
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Description of Organisation:
Koper is Slovenia’s sole seaport, and handles as much as two-thirds of the overseas trade of its continental hinterland. In terms of container throughput in 2011, Luka Koper operated the largest container terminal in the Northern Adriatic. In addition, it also manages the principal car terminal in the Adriatic and – according to 2011 data – the fourth largest automotive hub in the Mediterranean.

However, Luka Koper is more than just a port operator. It is primarily a company which is a motor of development not only in the Slovenian Istria, but the entire country, as well as a driving force of the logistics sector. Thus the calculation by the Ljubljana Institute for Economic Research that every euro earned through port operations generates 1.12 euro of value added at the state level, and each employment post within the company engenders 1.6 private sector jobs doesn't come as a surprise.

In addition, Luka Koper is a socially engaged company which provides social security for its personnel; further to which its INPO d.o.o. subsidiary actively recruits and rehabilitates disabled workers. Luka Koper is also engaged in development and, through its support of numerous activities and events, improving quality of life in the local community. Based on the company’s policy of sustainability, significant resources are allocated to environmental protection and eco-friendly technologies.

The company is also very active on the EU dimension, being part of different and very interesting EU projects, ranging from policies, environment, transport and logistics etc.

Miha Kalčič
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Fax: +386 5 6395020
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.